Giovanna Locatelli Nautical Leash & Collar Sets



Italian designer Giovanna Locatelli's passion for the sea inspired these handsome dog collar and leash sets. Nautical rope is knotted in a bowline on one end, and attaches with an authentic marine snap shackle, to a color-coordinated web strap adjustable collar.

2-Piece Leash & Collar sets are available in navy or brown, with your choice of polished nickel or gold plated fittings. Leashes vary slightly in length, depending on the placement of the bowline knot.

Leash length is 3'5" - 3'9".
Collar fits 12 3/4" - 20 3/4".

Rope Colors: Brown (Navy is sold out)

Metal Trim Finish: Gold, Nickel

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