Yachting Teak Collection Solid Wood Wastebaskets


Our Yachting Teak Collection is made from natural teak. The teak styles included in this collection are the most popular table, chair and storage bench styles found on the finest yachts and waterside residences. They're an investment in not only beautifully designed furniture, but in classic pieces that will endure and never go out of fashion.

Known for its beauty and water-resistant durability, teak is the ultimate indoor/outdoor furniture. It's the perfect choice for use onboard or on the patio. Each piece features an oiled finish for a soft, naturally rich, timeless look.

Like every piece in our Yachting Teak Collection, our Solid Wood Wastebaskets are built to last. Natural wood and shiplap styling give them a classic nautical/casual beach look.  

Available in two sizes:
Small: 12"W x12"D x12"H
Large: 21"W x 21"D x 22"H

2-week delivery.

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