Top 5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips

July 05, 2017

Top 5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips

We asked award-winning event producer and celebrity designer, Jes Gordon, to give us her Top 5 Tips on how to plan The Perfect Summer Outdoor Party!

  1. Set a budget. Just because it’s summer and you’ll ultimately be entertaining in a more casual atmosphere, that doesn’t mean your soirée will come cheap! Try to make your budget span equally across the five senses, meaning: don’t blow it all in one area. It’s wonderful to serve the most refreshing rosé, but if you’re serving it in an uncomfortable setting, your guests may just take the bottle to go. Try to allocate some budget to important aspects like comfortable seating, sound and taste.
  1. Know your demographic in terms of who you are inviting. Summer parties tend to be a bit more carefree, so be sure to invite guests who enjoy being in a more casual atmosphere with other people who are like-minded.
  1. Music is usually what brings the party together. Create the ultimate summer party mix that is “guest friendly” and that will make your friends want to go the distance until you kick them out!

  2. Create an interactive menu. Summer parties are most successful when your guests can bond over a family-style setup where they can pass food to each other and share large portions. “Shareable” cocktails like pitchers of Margaritas or Sangrias are also great ways to encourage your guests to mingle. Serving a nostalgic dessert like s’mores or fondue is also a solid interactive choice that will induce conversation and create a cohesive guest experience. Keep it simple!
  1. Make life easy on yourself. Use serving pieces that look great, but more importantly, serving pieces that are user friendly. You don’t want to be worrying about broken glass everywhere during the party, so using a high-end and elegant melamine line like Q Squared, (shown here), that is tough enough to re-use, so you can entertain throughout the entire year!

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