The DIY Guide To Updating Pillows

October 30, 2017

The DIY Guide To Updating Pillows

Pillows are always my first choice for updating a room or boat - you can easily make a major difference in the look of the entire space, at a fraction of the cost of new furniture or a major redesign project.

Here’s a brief guide for adding or updating pillows onboard – or at home.

Where to add: sofas, settees, love seats, side chairs and/or benches.

HOW MANY? There are a lot of pillow arrangement options!  Here are a few ideas:

  1. 2 large pillows either end of sofa and one large pillow in side chairs
  2. 2 mixed size pillows either end of sofa, 3 in the corner and one small pillow in side chairs.
  3. 2 mixed size pillows either end of sofa and one small pillow in side chairs
  4. 3 small pillows on the end of the sofa, two larger pillows in the corner, and 5 small, same-size pillows stacked in a row along settee
  5. 3 pillows in each corner of sofa and 2 pillows on one end of loveseat settee.

WHAT SIZE?  Some basics to consider:

  1. Small pillows: 14"-17” Large pillows 18”-20” (Remember, pillow size is measured along the side of the case, without the insert. They’ll look smaller with their inserts.)
  2. The smaller the seating area, the smaller the pillows. On a narrow dining settee, only a couple of small pillows might do the trick. On a chair, one pillow – possibly a rectangular shaped “lumbar” pillow.
  3. The deeper the seat, the larger the pillow. Pillows can make all the difference in comfort – with a deeper seat, you will want the thickness of a larger pillow for more back cushioning/support.
  4. Instead of pillows all the same size, consider “layering” a smaller pillow in front of a larger one for a more interesting, “dimensional” look.
  5. Don’t scrimp on the pillows - one is not enough! In this example, 5-7 more pillows would have really turned this into a cozy space! 

Even a space as small as your electric boat is a great spot for a pillow update.  These look comfy, and very understated, in a 'boho chic' style. Clustered in a group of three and another two on the opposite side – with likely another two pillow clusters on the aft ends of the settee.

Here’s a great cockpit bench, beautifully upholstered with a nautical look. How would YOU accent it with pillows?  Possibly a fabulous blue and white print and mixed with solid white pillows with blue trim? Two on each end and a rectangular lumbar in the center?  Or go with bold code flag pillows in brilliant nautical colors?  

One additional idea - although not a pillow - the look of a cozy throw, color-coordinated with your pillows and casually draped over a sofa or chair adds a beautiful - and useful - touch to your space.

You'll find a lot of great ideas for indoor and outdoor pillows and throws in our Home Decor section.


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