The Largest Private Yacht Ever Launched

June 30, 2013

                                  I’d have to agree with Yachts International Magazine, that the largest and best yachts always pique our curiosity and capture our imagination. While the largest yachts afloat may seem excessive to some, they represent the state of the art in design, engineering and craftsmanship. This month, Yachts International Magazine features the 10 largest yacht launches of the past year. Given the increasing numbers of owners who require strict confidentiality at all levels of their projects, details and interior images of these amazing yachts are seldom available. Nonetheless, it is difficult to conceal the profile of a yacht as large as a warship once it enters the public waterways. Topping the list at 590 feet, 6 inches in length, (180 meters), is the yacht Azaam.  At two and a half football fields long, she is the largest private yacht ever built. Azzam, (which means dedication in Arabic), was built by Lurssen Yachts in Germany, at an estimated cost of $592 million, and a gross weight of 14,000GT – roughly the equivalent of 1,750 adult African elephants! While interior pictures are not available, here is an amazing video of her leaving the Lurssen shed, posted on The footage has been sped up, so it’s even more difficult to get a true sense of her immense size. At the sped-up rate, about 7-feet of yacht appear out of the shed per second. In about 15 seconds, 100-feet of yacht has already exited the shed! We raise our glass to the pinnacle of nautical luxury, Azzam! DJ

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