A Coastal Barware Makeover

November 05, 2011

If you look hard enough, you may find one or two glasses in your cabinet that have been with you since college. Ahh, the days when you couldn't find two glasses that matched, and you seldom had enough wine glasses, much less champagne glasses, for a dinner party.  At some point, we graduated from futons and milk crate shelves, to more sophisticated home furnishings. If your glassware cabinet hasn't quite caught up, and you're still mixing and matching, you might want to consider a beautiful coastal makeover.  We have five different coastal/nautical themed collections that will look terrific on your holiday table and will match the rest of your post-college sophisticated home! Etched Shell Collection Etched Fish Collection Etched Compass Rose Collection Etched Sailboat Collection Etched Starfish Collection Cheers! DJ

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