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Rustic Metal Lighted Anchor Wall Marquee
Set a nautical mood in your beach cottage, seaside bar or nautical den with the whimsical Rustic Metal Lighted Wall Anchor Marquee. Ten tiny lights add a vintage nautical flair to the rustic finished metal piece. Remote control is included. Requires 2 AA Batteries. Measures 22" x 2.4" x 28".
#HB-CF20-00Rustic Metal Lighted Anchor Wall Marquee$180
Admiralty Winch Base Table Lamp
A NEW LUXURY! The artisans at Foresti & Suardi in Italy are among the world's leading craftsmen of fine yacht accessories. The Admiralty Winch Base Lamp is a shining example of their attention to detail and classic nautical style. The chrome winch base, (complete with handle), is wrapped with a navy marine rope, and topped with a white, hand-blown glass shade. 110v electric lamp. Lamp measures 22 3/4" tall x 11 3/4" wide. Item is on backorder. Ships in March.
#HL-WP07-CHAdmiralty Winch Base Table Lamp/Chrome (March Ship)$950
Large Cotton Sailor's Knot Doorstop
Prop open the door to let the sea breeze in with our Large Cotton Rope Knot Doorstop. Made of tightly woven natural cotton rope, with a handy loop for moving from room to room. Each handmade knot varies slightly in size, 9-10" ball diameter x 15-16" total height including loop. This doorstop is weighty, at 7-8 lbs., to hold a heavy door or stand alone as a classic nautical decor accent in any room or hallway. 2-week delivery.
#HB-KU14-00Large Cotton Sailor's Knot Doorstop$75
Weathered Wood Nautical Caddy/In-Box
Here's a great nautical accent for a kitchen counter, entry hall table, office desk, or anywhere you'd like to get a little organized with seafaring style. The two-tiered Caddy/In-Box is made of wood, with weathered paint to give it a vintage, rustic look. Nautical metal anchors give it the perfect marine feel.

Caddy/In-Box measures 15" L. x 7.75" W. x 15.75" H. 2-week delivery.
#QD-MW15-00Weathered Wood Nautical Caddy/In-Box$108
Hooked Wool Anchors Away Pillow
Traditional hooked wool pillows have a way of making you feel so comfortable and cozy - exactly the décor you want in your waterside retreat! Add a warming touch to your favorite sofa, chair or banquette seat, with our 100% wool Anchors Away pillow. A favorite nautical icon, the marine anchor is hand hooked in 100% wool on an 18" square navy blue accent pillow. Solid cotton back and poly-fill pillow insert.
#HP-PH10-00Hooked Wool Anchors Away Accent Pillow$59
Vintage Anchor Decoupage Bath Set
The artistry of handcrafted decoupage adds a romantic touch to your beach house decor. Colors are muted and lines are softened on the Vintage Anchor design, to blend beautifully with your coastal/nautical style. Made in the USA, the wooden decoupage wastebasket, with gold rimmed top edge, and gold-trimed cube tissue box cover are the perfect nautical accent for any room in the house! Available in your choice of white anchors on navy, or navy anchors on white. The Vintage Anchor Decoupage Wastebasket measures 11" tall. Tissue Box cover measures 5 1/8" wide x 5 3/4" tall. 2-piece set. 2-3 week delivery.

ORDERING OPTIONS: 2-Pc. Wastebasket and Tissue Box Cover set in navy or white.
Message In A Bottle Beach House Lamp
A NEW LUXURY! Why not have a little fun with your beach house décor. This nautically themed Message In A Bottle Lamp has a whimsical sailboat scene with bits of a sailing ditty, or is it a shipwrecked sailor's message, printed on the shade. Make up your own seagoing adventure story while you enjoy the soft aqua blue tones of the blown glass base, echoed in the printed paper shade. Lamp measures 23" tall. Oval shade measures 15" x 9".
#HL-MW14-00Message In A Bottle Lamp (Orig. $140)$127
Weathered Silver Base Nautical Knot Lamp
A NEW LUXURY! Brighten up your beach house décor with a vintage nautical touch. The Weathered Silver Base Nautical Knot Lamp is the perfect combination of rustic casual and crisp, classic nautical. The weathered silver finish base in an antique milk can shape, is topped by an off white paper shade printed with a soft blue knot trim. Silver finish rounded top finial. Lamp measures 21.5" tall. Round shade measures 13" diameter. Single bulb, 60 watt max. 2-week delivery.
#HL-MW13-00Silver Base Nautical Knot Lamp$116
Giovanna Locatelli Nautical Tea Light Holders
NOW ON SALE! Italian designer Giovanna Locatelli expresses her passion for the sea throughout her entire interior décor collection. The attention to detail is fastidious. The style is sophisticated, with a distinctive European flair.

The Glass Tea Light Holders are a beautiful nautical accent, onboard or at home. The clear glass bowls are engraved all around, with a nautical chain motif, evening star motif or painted rope motif. Each glass holder sits inside a graceful ultraleather tulip base, with nautical rope cinch accent around the bottom.

ORDERING OPTIONS: Painted Brown Rope Glass on brown ultraleather base, Engraved Chain Glass on navy ultraleather, Engraved Star Glass on white ultraleather.
Steamship Era Riveted Steel Mirror
Inspired by the great steel-plated ocean liners of a bygone era, the Steamship Era Steel Mirror adds an authentically nautical touch to your home. Polished nickel finish goes with just about any décor. The mirror is available in a large 60" x 36 1/4" rectangle size shown here. Also available in a 40" diameter round size, with a deeper brass hand-polished finish. 2-week delivery.
#HB-GH01-RTSteamship Era Riveted Steel Mirror/Rectangle $1375